We all know that portable toilets are the best solution for temporary restrooms, but sometimes it is very difficult to find a good toilet. As we know that most people use portable toilets to get rid of unpleasant smells. However, not everyone knows that how portable toilets are different from the common ones.

There are various types of portable toilets which are used for temporary purposes like construction sites, festivals, parties, etc. In this blog, I am going to discuss different types of portable toilets and their main differences.

Let’s Start With The Most Common And Basic Types:

1- Regular Porta-potties:

These are the toilets that are available at regular places like gas stations, restaurants, and hotels. They are quite popular because they are affordable and simple to use. These are usually equipped with flush, no-flush and automatic.

2- Flush toilets:

These are also known as traditional toilets which are found everywhere and they are very common. These are made up of an enclosed space where you can take a seat. These toilets usually have three parts, including the seat, the tank, and the outlet pipe. These are found in all public places, so they are quite cheap and easy to use.

3- No-Flush Toilets:

The no-flush toilet is also called the squat toilet, which is often used in Asian countries. You don’t need to sit while using these toilets as you can just squat and do your business.

4- Automatic Toilets:

This type of toilet is mostly found in office buildings and hospitals. It has an automated mechanism that will flush and run the water when you enter and leave the toilet.

These toilets are the easiest to use as they don’t require any manual operation. They are available in different designs like the squat toilet, the single-handle toilet, the multiple-handle toilet, the side-handled toilet, etc.

These toilets are more expensive than other types of portable toilets and their maintenance is also higher. Therefore, if you want to get a portable toilet with all facilities, then you should definitely opt for a proper toilet.

5- Disposable toilet:

Disposable toilets are the simplest and cheapest type of portable toilets. These toilets are meant for a short period of time and they can be used for a single event. These toilets are usually available in the local parks, and you will find these toilets everywhere.

These toilets are usually available for $10 and you can find them in any shop. The most common things that you will find in these toilets are toilet paper and a plastic bag.

6- Reusable Portable Toilets:

These toilets are also known as second-hand portable toilets and they are made of stainless steel. These toilets are the most popular portable toilets available in the market. They are made of high-grade materials and they can be washed and reused again and again.

These toilets can be rented for a long period of time and they can be used for a variety of events. These toilets are available in various sizes and weights. These toilets can be rented for a day or for an entire year, and the price varies according to the size and weight of the toilet.


In this blog, I have discussed different types of portable toilets. I know that the toilet is not the only thing that will make your visit more comfortable but it’s important that you have a toilet that is comfortable and hygienic.

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