Are you going to a festival and don’t know how to use a portable toilet? Don’t worry; there are many companies who will help you to rent a porta-potty for you. A porta potty is a very essential thing if you are going to a festival, as it helps you to use a clean and hygienic toilet without any worry.

There is a lot of confusion about portable toilets in today’s world, as a lot of people think that they are only used to dispose of human waste. In fact, portable toilets come in different sizes and shapes and also they are used for different purposes.

People need portable toilets for various events and festivals, corporate meetings, weddings, conferences, etc. There are many reasons that are responsible for its popularity.

There are many types of portable toilets available in the market, which makes it a little bit confusing for customers. The toilet can be classified into many categories based on its features and specifications.

Types Of Portable Toilets:

There are many types of portable toilets available for you, but you should not focus on the price as this will be the deciding factor to choose the best company. The most popular ones are,

1) Hand-Powered Portable Toilets

2) Electric Portable Toilets

3) Water Tank Type Portable Toilets

4) Automatic Flush Toilets

5) Air Bladder Type Toilets

6) Commercial Porta Potty

7) Roll-Off Type Toilets

Now, let’s discuss each type of toilet separately.

1- Hand-Powered Portable Toilets:

This is the most common type of portable toilet as it requires no electricity to function. These toilets are a little costly, but it is worth the money.

2- Electric Portable Toilets:

This is the most comfortable and easiest portable toilet as it is fully automated and requires no human intervention. These toilets are a little expensive as compared to hand-powered portable toilets but it is worth the money.

3- Water Tank Type Portable Toilets:

This is one of the most popular portable toilets as it provides better comfort compared to other types of toilets. This toilet has a water tank that holds the required amount of water for you to use.

4- Automatic Flush Toilets:

This toilet is a little different than others as it has an automatic flushing system. It uses water from the toilet to flush the waste in the pit. You don’t have to wait for an hour and it will save you a lot of time.

5- Air Bladder Type Toilets:

These toilets are used to provide a comfortable environment for the people and it is a little bit expensive. But, it is the best option if you are looking for comfort.

6- Roll-off Toilets:

This is the simplest and cheapest portable toilet as it will not cost you much. It is the best portable toilet for an outdoor event as it is easy to move and carry.

7- Commercial Porta Potty:

Commercial porta potties are the most expensive type of portable toilets available in the market. They are mostly found in commercial locations like hospitals, schools, and other public places. These toilets are often used for special events and they are also ideal for offices and retail stores.

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As you can see, each type of portable toilet is the best solution for a specific type of situation, but it is a good idea to consider all the factors before choosing the best company. So, I have shared with you the tips that you should keep in mind while choosing the best portable toilet company.






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